Is the Macbook Pro Overpriced?

This is a question that I often ask when I think of the Macbook Pro. At over a thousand pound it certainly isn’t cheap but it does have some very good features and so may be worth the extra money you have to spend. Even if it is worth the money it still cost a lot and so many people like to get a free Macbook Pro.

Firstly there is the design. It is simply amazing the way that Apple use one piece of metal to create the case meaning there are no awkward looking joins. In my opinion in terms of looks it is the best laptop available and so is well worth the price.
Operating System

One of the main benefits of getting an Apple product is Mac OS. It is beautifully sleek and everything has been thought out to make it work really well. If you are doing any kind of video editing then it is definitely best to get an Apple product.

The actual parts inside this Laptop are also great. Even the base models have enough RAM to do some serious video editing and with the options to upgrade you should be able to do even the most intensive of tasks on a Macbook Pro.
The Hard-Drives actually aren’t that great unless you pay more for the SSD drives but this is not a massive issue unless you plan to do lots of video editing which involves moving big files around.

Luckily the Macbook also comes with a lot of useful connections, meaning you can use it with all your other gadgets. The thunderbolt port allows you to connect big external monitors or an external Hard-Drive making expansion and upgrade super easy.
Also with 2 USB 3.0 ports it is compatible with loads of devices and will be for years to come. Having lots of connections and still having a great design is a rare thing with laptops and so this sets it apart from others. Just having these connections make it much more value for money!

Another massive point which helps justify the price point is the absolutely amazing screen which Apple have created. The new retina models have so many pixels that video and photo editing can be done on a minute scale.

In conclusion I feel that it is not overpriced. This is due to the experience you have with it. All the way through the process of getting an Apple product it is an experience. Their website is smooth and makes it seem like you are ordering something special and the box that you get it in is great. Finally when you open the Macbook and get on it, it is so easy to use and everything works super fast just how you want it!


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