Free Macbook Pro 2013

So as some of you might have seen (Facebook and Twitter followers), I recently received the latest freebie from FreebieJeebies. A brand new 13″ i7 Macbook Pro. 

I don’t really intend to go in to detail regarding the features of the machine, as you can already find them online. But I just wanted to share the unboxing/proof video just to show all of you sceptics out there that you really can get free stuff!

You’ve probably read this hundreds of times on our site, but here it is once more in case you missed it: The Three Steps!

Step 1) Sign up. Just create an account. (FREE)

Step 2) Complete one offer. There’s a load to choose from, including some pretty awesome free ones. Please note though, that for some of them, a debit card may be required. No money is taken from your account, but it’s a universal way of checking that you are who you say you are and that you’re the right age to be using the site (depends on the offer).

Step 3) Refer other people. Just get a few mates to sign up as well!


Macbook Pro Unboxing Video

Wanna get your hands on a free Macbook Pro as well? Then just click on the Big Green Button at the top of the page to get signed up right away!

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