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Welcome to the iPaidNothing Blog!

At iPaidNothing, we've introduced hundreds of people to the world of affiliate marketing. Using the basic but effective 3 step process, you'll find out how some users have been making well over £70,000 since 2005.
Read around the blog to find out more about how this works, or Click Here to sign up now for your Free iPhone 5!

With iPaidNothing, you can be sure that:

TickAll gifts are new
Every single freebie that you receive will be ordered direct from the manufacture, meaning that it ships with it's full warranty. It will always be brand new.

TickInformation never shared
Personal information, such as a shipping address, will never be shared, sold on, or misused in any way. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see our Privacy Policy.

TickOnly proven networks
iPaidNothing, only ever uses networks that have been tried, tested and trusted individually. For example, recently 'FreebieJeebies' was featured on The Gadget Show.

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